Instructional videos for your training

During your training, we support you with numerous practical instructional videos. Here you will find a list of the videos that we have ready for you in the various levels

Level 1: soon available

Video theory
Video: Hoof science: How is the hoof constructed and how does it work?
Video: Getting into anatomy -Part 1

Video practice
Video: Which tool do I need?
Video: Best working positions for hoof trimming 
Video: What safety rules do I have to observe?
Video: How can I understand the external structure of hooves
Video: How do I find the trimming hot spot of hooves? 

Level 2: avialable Autum 2022

Video theory
Video: Anatomy – Part 2

Video practice
Video: Sharpening knives
Video: How to work with the hoof knife
Video: How to work with the rasp
Video: How to  work with the hoof nipper and toe knife
Video: Hoof Shapes and their meanings
Video: Limb Positions
Video: Gait Analysis
Video: Trimming frog, sole and bars
Video: Trimming of the wall
Video: Trimming the hoof according to balance points

Level 3: available Winter 2022/2023

Video practice
Video: Special trimming techniques
Video: Trmming of  hooves in case of hoof diseases
Video: Trimming of foals and draft horses